We love to hear from groundbreaking companies tackling the foundations of preventive health through science-driven innovation

Optimal personalized nutrition protects against disease and promotes improved functioning.

We are committed to bringing optimal nutrition to millions around the world. While “good” nutrition is better than poor nutrition, optimal nutrition tailored to the bodies and needs of each person is the best way to build health and avoid disease. With advances in science and technology, optimal personalized nutrition is not only possible, but already in the making.

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Exercise and optimal sleep foster long-term health and save massive healthcare costs.

We’re passionately dedicated to promoting preventive health through physical activity, recovery, and optimal sleep, especially when driven by technologies that make them more efficient. We’re always on the lookout for innovative companies making exercise more attractive to the masses and optimizing sleep for maximal health gains.

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Good mental health is the cornerstone of stress-related disease prevention.

Beyond combating the stigma associated with mental illness, we want to offer millions of people the means to improve their mental wellbeing and overall wellness. That’s why we look closely at companies working on ways to make people calmer, happier, and more resilient.

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Anti-ageing technologies and therapies are the holy grail of disease prevention

From blood transfusion to DNA repair, anti-ageing technologies will become the crowning glory of human achivement in the 21st century. Longevity breakthroughs will overturn our current sick-care mentality and pave the way toward a true healthcare system. We’re dedicated to accelerating the dawn of longevity by becoming the leading venture fund offering financial, networking, and operational support to our portfolio companies and researchers worldwide.

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Built on Technology.
Driven by Science.

We are firm believers in the power of science. Whether longitudinal research, systems biology, or state-of-the-art data analysis techniques, careful yet clever science makes us tick.

But we also understand the power of technology and digitilization. Coupling breakthroughs with digital technologies is the apex of preventive health. That’s why we pay special attention to companies operating in the rapidly expanding telehealth and digitalization space.