Creating a world free of disease

Today, 1 out of 2 people in the world live with a chronic disease.

This tragic reality is also the source of more than 80% of all healthcare costs globally.

We believe the world can do better.

It’s time to break the order of things. We refuse to wait until people get sick to only then be treated. We want to help people maintain and nourish their most precious resources - physical and psychological health.

That's why FORM is investing in innovative preventive health companies

We are bringing together the brightest minds from science and business.

There’s never been a better time for prevention

Preventive health technologies are getting better and cheaper, and trailblazing scientists are inching closer to a disease-free world. That’s why proactive health is more impactful today than ever before.  

Drive the shift from sick-care to health-care

Our vision -
a healthcare system that cares when it matters most

Preventing disease and debility by optimizing sleep, nutrition, activity, and mental health.

Enable millions to live at full capacity, free from pain.

Savor the joyful simplicity of optimal functioning.

Investment Focus