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Apple Fitness+ to revolutionize the digital fitness industry

September 23, 2020

Apple is notorious for catching people off guard and leaving them dumbstruck with their latest gadget or software update. Boy is this true of the upcoming Apple Fitness+ app, set to be released sometime in late 2020. Fitness fanatics will discover a new experience that makes exercising more convenient and powerful at the same time. Instead of constantly shifting focus to check their metrics on the Smart Watch, users will see their real-time metrics on their iPad, iPhone, or Apple TV screens. Beyond simply making fitness more convenient, on-screen metrics will take motivation to a new level by offering users the option to compare their performance to those of fellow fitness fanatics. But forget all of that – the real juice comes from the plethora of on-screen workouts users can choose from, whether yoga, HIIT, core, and much more. By creating the perfect marriage between quality and diversity of on-screen workouts, real-time metrics, and an elegant user experience to match, Apple Fitness+ will help millions to get in shape, and, importantly, make them happy.

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