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Biology is eating the world, and will soon devour it

October 23, 2020

Insuline, DNA, vaccines. When we think of these grand discoveries of human history, we naturally think of biology, the age-old discipline with the mission to make humans healthier and live longer. Notwithstanding its major achievements to date, biology is not ready to retire. In fact, it's just on its way to reaching adulthood. In this episode of the A16Z podcast by Andreessen Horowitz, scientists, leaders, and entrepreneurs discuss how biology is on its way to transforming humanity as we know it. Biology has gone beyond the limits of the human body to disrupt and overturn the manufacturing, food production, agriculture, packaging, and so many more industries. What's more, the integration of biology with digital technologies like AI is opening massive opportunities which we simply cannot comprehend at present. Basically, biology is now where computer science was in the '50s - at an explosive juncture with immense potential.

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