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Depression in children is real - here's how to spot it

April 8, 2021

Most of us reminisce on our childhood as being the best, most carefree time of our lives. Childhood is fun, joyful, and full of novelty. It turns out that this way of looking at the early years of life is, to say the least, overblown. As this New York Times article shows, child psychologists and medical doctors are quick to point out the significant number of children who show symptoms of serious depression. In fact, the number is estimated to be between a whopping 2-3% in children as young as 6 to 12 years old. The question, for parents and doctors alike, is how to spot these symptoms of depression, as they vary from common symptoms in adults. For one thing, depression often expresses itself as irritability. For another thing, a decreasing interest in fun and games is another sign that the child may be dealing with inner pain. Parents should not take these symptoms lightly and should visit a GP or child psychologist as soon as possible.

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