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Digital health sees unprecedented funding during first half of 2020

July 8, 2020

When times are strange, strange things happen. Who would’ve thought that digital health would be on track to see its biggest funding year ever? Amidst a recession in February and the highest unemployment rates since the Great Depression, digital health pulled through and took off, ending at a record $5.4 billion in funding by mid-year. Oh, we forgot to mention a notable clue that may solve this mystery - COVID 19. With unprecedented social distancing and health security measures in place, caregivers and patients took to the screen as a last resort - and, apparently, they seem to love it. And speaking of COVID-19, social isolation has left people feeling anxious and lonely. Which is why digital mental health services are at the forefront of the fundraising craze, with the likes of Headspace and Mindstrong leading the digital battle against mental anguish across the globe.

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