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Forward Health to expand revolutionary healthcare solution after raising $225 M

May 4, 2021

It’s one thing to create a product that improves one aspect of health or another. But building a comprehensive personalized healthcare solution that tackles major diseases is simply on another level. That’s why Forward Health raised $225 million in its latest Series D round, which will enable fast expansion across the US. Forward Health’s value proposition is simple yet gargantuan. Why continue receiving healthcare services via company-provided insurance when you can get better care with a simple subscription? The former is tailored toward short-term outcomes, while Forward optimizes long-term health by tackling patient-specific disease risks. According to founder and CEO Adrian Aoun, Forward collects around 500 biometric data points through body scanners, blood tests, and gene sequencing technology. This allows Forward’s team of healthcare professionals to assess patient-specific risk and create long-term prevention and treatment plans. Most importantly, the subscription-based model aligns with patient incentives and enables Forward to focus on customer service and relationship-building.

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