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Health insurance giant Sanitas publishes first-ever Swiss "Health Forecast"

June 21, 2020

Some of the best epic dramas are written in 400 pages or less. An epic drama of sorts, Sanitas’ recently published “Health Forecast” offers the most in-depth glimpse into the future of health in Switzerland. Written by dozens of prominent journalists deeply familiar with the health ecosystem in Switzerland, the colossal publication speaks of how the heroic deeds of trail-blazing scientists and thinkers are creating a future where people live healthy well into their 100s. Yet this isn’t your typical top-down survey of health innovation. An endless number of interviews with Swiss citizens clearly shows what the normal person thinks and feels about health innovation, and how they shape their own choices accordingly. More than just a fascinating tale of exploration and discovery, the “Health Forecast” is a human story equally driven by the woman in the lab and the man on the street.

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