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Healthtech investments soar in 2020 amidst push toward remote care

November 4, 2020

COVID-19 is continuing to bring life to its knees, making it almost blasphemous to speak of its possible upsides. Yet the pandemic has fueled institutional investors to look for golden opportunities in the healthcare industry, sometimes even to the surprise of its up-and-coming trailblazers. For reasons that are clear in hindsight, the alternative care sector has been the fortunate target of a great deal of big investor money, culminating in $10 billion raised overall by Q3 2020. VCs have been throwing their cash at telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, and mental health companies that promise to ensure healthcare’s expansion beyond the clinic and offer on-demand, clinician-driven, and tech-based diagnosis and treatment. The push toward remote care is part and parcel of the broader drive toward preventive health, taking weight off the clinic’s shoulders and giving people more control over their health and lifespans.

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