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How to make capitalism conscious and reinvent industries

October 14, 2020

It’s no secret that humanity is facing major challenges today. Climate change threatens our planet and human health is at risk from major diseases. In this timely article, VC firm Mayfield calls for leaders to spearhead the shift to a conscious approach to capitalism, a call which we at FORM wholeheartedly support. To confront impending challenges head-on, leaders must make important choices to enable their organizations and people not just to adapt, but to thrive and effectively respond to the inevitable changes to come. In addition to placing empathy at the centre of their engagements with employees, leaders must make great strides to rehumanize social media and invest time and money in boosting diversity at the workplace. But perhaps most important of all, they must make conscious choices and take decisive actions to power human and planetary evolution. In these ways, leaders and their organizations will not just adapt to impending changes, but be a major force of good and reinvent industries anew.

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