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How well do you sleep? Google Nest Hub 2 will tell you

April 3, 2021

We mostly think of sleep as the time when conscious awareness takes a break from a full day's attentional load. But a lot happens during sleep. We’re not simply talking about dreams, but all that unfolds in your body and mind to affect your sleep quality for better or worse. But no need to worry: Google is here to answer the “better or worse” question. Google’s Nest Hub 2 now comes with advanced sleep tracking features. Simply place the Nest Hub monitor on your bed stand and drift off. When you wake up, you’ll access a dazzling array of information about the quality of your sleep that night. How often did you cough? How long did you snore? What was your respiratory rate? Nest Hub 2 is a convenient and non-invasive gadget that helps you build better sleep hygiene by providing access to crucial information on sleep quality and sleeping) patterns.

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