Introducing Teal Omics: A new approach to understanding and combating age-related disease

Introducing Teal Omics: A new approach to understanding and combating age-related disease
October 13, 2022

Over the years, our team has encountered incredible ideas, innovations, and approaches for improving health and preventing disease. We believe that we are in a paradigm-shifting period, enabled by technology, that is accelerating healthcare towards a new reality where disease prevention and human rejuvenation are attainable outcomes. We are approaching a new era where health interventions are prescribed before the presence of disease, but a key question remains unanswered – how will we measure the impact of preventative health in the absence of the disease markers currently used to quantify treatment efficacy and monitor progression? 

We do not believe there is a one-size-fits-all solution to this challenge and the landscape of companies focused on developing new tools that help us better understand our health continues to grow. We are encouraged by the progress being made across numerous technologies, including advances in digital and optical sensors, minimally invasive devices, and novel biomarkers. We imagine a future where our health is measured dynamically by a suite of tools and services. What we eat, how we live, and even what drugs we take will be informed by a robust longitudinal dataset of biological information, enabling precise and personalized care. 

As we explore this space, we search for innovations that will allow us to measure and compare human physiology as opposed to current biomarkers intended to detect disease pathology. The ability to measure and monitor a patient's health status in the absence of disease is required to empower health interventions targeting prevention and rejuvenation.

We believe our new portfolio company can deliver on this vision and are excited to introduce Teal Omics to our FORM community. Teal’s science, developed by world-renown aging researcher Dr. Tony Wyss-Coray in his Stanford University neuroscience lab, builds on previous discoveries that proteins found in the blood can be used to create markers of “age” that reveal functional insights and predict disease progression. These biomarkers are developed using ML-based computational approaches based on new advances in proteomics. Teal’s technology’s ability to generate predictive health insights offers a powerful new tool that can quantify the efficacy of preventative health interventions. The ability to measure the effectiveness of prevention-focused health interventions is critical to driving the credibility and adoption of these new approaches. We are excited to support Teal’s team in their mission to develop a new approach for measuring health. 

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