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Investors love at-home fitness startup Tempo

April 19, 2021

You know you’re onto something when, just 9 months after raising $60 million in a Series B round, you close Series C at $220 million. We’re talking about Tempo, an at-home fitness startup combining advanced sensor technology and live classes to guide users toward their fittest selves. But you know you’re really onto something when the roles are reversed and investors come knocking at your door and making an offer that you, well, can’t refuse. It seems that Tempo’s investors have come to love the product that many of them actually use in their own homes. And given that 68% of people exercising at home will continue to do so after the pandemic, investors see a bright future in the at-home fitness space, and believe that Tempo will stand head and shoulders above its competition due to a unique combination of 3D sensors, AI algorithms, and experts trainers working in tandem. 

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