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Meru Health develops mental health support program for employees

May 6, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered much-warranted interest in mental health technologies. In 2020, digital mental health funding grew 2.9x compared to the year before. Record cases of mental illness combined with a shortage of therapists means that many are left without help. Meru Health, creator of mental health tools, wants to step in early and prevent a downward spiral toward treatment-resistant conditions by developing a comprehensive mental health program for employees. The program includes an onboarding video call, digital content, workshops, and a chat support group that together target milder symptoms of anxiety and depression. Yet the program’s goal is not simply to prevent symptoms but to build self-regulation skills that in turn improve relationships, enable resilience during difficult circumstances, and sustain optimism. In this way, employers can improve their mental health offerings to employees and prevent lost business from compromised performance attributable to mental health struggles. 

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