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The best medicine. How to reshape the healthcare system around food.

November 26, 2020

I know what you’re thinking. Another clickbaity title, another grandiose claim about preventive health. But hey, don’t look at me. Just listen to this podcast from renowned VC Andreesen Horowitz. Yes, bold claims need backing - and that’s exactly what General Partner Julie Woo covers in this conversation with Dr. Andrea Feinberg and Josh Hix. Sure, physical activity is key to preventive health, along with good sleep and and and. But if one such variable were to be classified as the world’s best medicine, it would be nutritious food. But why is it that healthy food plays such a tangential role in modern healthcare systems? And what can be done to radically change this reality and place food at the top of the medicine chain? These and many other questions are tackled in this fascinating 20 minute conversation. And whatever the answers may be, one thing is clear beyond doubt. If food is brought from the periphery to the center of prevention, billions will be saved in healthcare costs each year. So skip the fried chicken tonight and get yourself a can of chickpeas. 

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