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"Wealth in health" trend set to disrupt health industry

September 22, 2020

Consumers change, and companies change with them. Since time immemorial, people have consulted healers or doctors only after falling ill. This equation, long regarded as eternal, is rapidly changing. Continuing digital health breakthroughs, alongside growing consumer awareness of the power of prevention, have bred a new type of consumer. Tech-savvy, knowledgeable, and in control of her destiny, she finds wealth not through purchasing physical goods or experiences, but through optimizing health. That’s why the next big company is likely to be a preventive health-centered platform empowering consumers to make the right health choices and optimize their metabolism, sleep, fitness, mental health, and more. Sure, doctors will still play a crucial role in this new world, but only as parts of a broader preventive health network of consumer, company, and care providers.

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