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WHOOP raises $100 million at $1.2 billion valuation

November 3, 2020

Goodbye guesswork. Hello data-driven physical performance. WHOOP, the world’s leading physical performance optimization system, just closed a $100 million Series E funding round, led by venture capital firm IVP. But it’s not just renowned institutional investors that chipped in. NBA superstar Kevin Durant, SuperBowl MVO Patrick Mahomes, and NFL wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald made their own contributions, along with other big names in the sports world. WHOOP’s wearables track key indicators like sleep, movement, and workouts and offer data-driven personalized recommendations on how to optimize sleep and overall physical performance. Riding on a lean membership model, aspirational brand, and credibility among the pro athlete community, WHOOP is on track to consolidate its reputation as the king of fitness tracking and performance optimization. 

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