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It is about time for a new kind of health: Time to stop looking at it as the absence of disease and start seeing it as fundamental, all around well-being. Time to feel better than ever.

Folk makes medical diagnosis, consultation and care fast, simple and digitally available at all time, without the waiting rooms or cryptic lingo you are used to.

Neurohacker Collective – Qualia Mind


The first handheld portable device and app to measure your metabolism

Lumen is a device and app that measures your metabolism in a single breath and provides daily personalized nutrition based on your metabolic data. Through the device and app, you can achieve your fitness goals whether they be weight loss, performance optimization, or simply improving your metabolic health.

Lumen Device

Neurohacker Collective

Best in class nootropics and supplements for performance optimization

The “health and wellness industry” is often too concerned with creating products that merely put a “band- aid” on the symptoms of our health struggles without addressing their causes. That is why Neurohacker Collective was created. To make products that support how a healthy body self-regulates.”

Neurohacker Collective – Qualia Mind


Objective, accurate, and personalized predictions of migraine onsets

Brainguard is the first company that predicts the onset of a migraine by unobtrusive monitoring of hemodynamic signals.To change the paradigm of the disease, BrainGuard provides a personalized disease treatment based on prescriptions of their trusted doctor.



The digital mental health platform for young people

Daybreak provides online counseling designed for teens: Licensed therapists deliver evidence-based care through video and chat on the company’s proprietary mobile app.

Daybreak – Mental health for young people



The only evidence-based personalized vitamin service

Nutrient imbalance is the #1 health risk in the Western world. Baze has developed the first personalized nutrient supplement service to address this. Pioneering a dynamic data-driven approach based on recurring comfortable blood analysis.

Baze App